Meet the Club

Who are the officers and members of your Woodmere GOP? They’re your family, friends and neighbors! They’re people just like you. They  enjoy each other’s company, want to do good things for the neighborhood, are interested in electing responsible officials and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that are invaluable to our organization!


Ann Salpeter Schockett is the Executive Leader of Woodmere and of our organization.  A ‘born and bred’ Republican, she has been on the political scene for over 30 years. Ann has three grown children who were raised in Woodmere and graduated the exceptional schools of District 14.    


Please see how many names you recognize from the following list of officers of the Woodmere Republican Club:

President: Ann DeMichael
Vice-President: Anthony Rivelli, Sr.
First Vice-President: John Gallo
Second Vice-President: Carol Sullivan
Secretary: Matthew Magnone
Secretary: Julie Lopez
Treasurer: Peter Matuza
Membership Chair: Dennis DiGiovanni
Bylaws Chair: Elyse Strauss
Sergeant-at-Arms: John Magnone
Elyse Coleman
Robert Ross

David Levine 

Aixa Lopez

Lucy Salpeter