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People ask what it takes to be a part of the Woodmere Republican Club and Woodmere Young Republicans (Yrs) Club. There are so many exciting aspects that it’s entirely up to you!


You can attend or even lead meetings, seminars, support groups or discussion groups. You may choose to volunteer in a pivotal campaign or lobby for a cause. Perhaps, you would like to host a parlor meeting or event in your home. If being part of a friendly social group is something you’re looking for, you’ve found a home. If you have political aspirations, you can ‘learn the ropes’ in a supportive atmosphere. If you wish to network with influential leaders in politics or business, you have access to exclusive functions. You can volunteer on your own time at our Woodmere Headquarters at 1026 Broadway in the heart of our community…


There’s a place waiting just for you! The officers and general members of the club look forward to speaking with you. Call us at 516.837.3339.


Ann Salpeter Schockett

Woodmere GOP Executive Leader


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